Identifying and Avoiding Stairway Lift Scams

Scammers have long been wreaking havoc on online buyers and e-businesses. And without shame or remorse, they have now also attacked the accessibility equipment industry.

Here are the tell-tale signs of a dubious and fraudulent site.

Unreasonably Cheap Prices

A functional stairway lift in good condition has a reasonable price reaching thousands of dollars. Scammers claim to offer the same product but at an unreasonably cheap price point

To begin with, the stairway lifts usually sold by these unscrupulous people are mostly DIY versions, which are considered unsafe. Even self-installation by customers is not recommended by the manufacturers themselves. Encouraging naïve buyers to personally install complex and sensitive equipment (that requires professional assistance) is considered very irresponsible.

This irresponsibility goes up another level and even becomes malicious when someone starts telling people that installing can be easily accomplished using just a wrench and a screwdriver. This is sheer nonsense.

A proper installation of a stairway lift is way more complex than that. A number of significant factors are to be considered. Aside from screws to be set and tracks to be cut, a trained technician has power wires to check and internal switches to adjust. A volt/ohm meter is also necessary to test power. Other highly technical intricacies are also involved, the neglect of which could result in accidents.

Incredibly Ridiculous Claims

Scammers will say even the most outlandish things just to land a deal.

A typical false advice they give to potential victims is to steer clear of stairway lifts powered by batteries. Everyone in the stairway lift industry is well aware that internationally, 90% of the stairway lifts manufactured are battery-operated. Most customers prefer it, power outages considered.

Pre-Owned and Very Affordable Stairway Lifts

The terms “pre-owned”, “cheap”, and “guaranteed lowest price” should raise red flags in your mind.On these heavily promoted but disreputable sites you will typically see that the trading of existent units is not allowed. If so, then where do they get the second-hand stairway lifts they advertise? Perhaps these are defective units returned by unsatisfied customers?

The Consequences of Entertaining an Unscrupulous Stairway Lift Dealer

In the beginning, things may work out okay. On the other hand, a time will surely come for necessary tweaks or replacement of parts. You will discover that the seller is nowhere to be found and the warranty is false. And when you try to complain to the manufacturer, you are ignored because manufacturers only deal with dealers, and not consumers.

Deceptive Branding

One of the most common deceptions occurring in the stairway lift industry is a practice of businesses putting their own name on a manufacturer’s low quality equipment. The sellers don’t make it, install it, or support it, and in some cases never take possession of the equipment before it ships out to the customer. It’s not their equipment! On their sites and over the phone they can fluff up the spiel all they want. But, in this industry, and especially through Access Lifts And Elevators you can buy stairway lifts that carry the real manufacturer’s label and know that you are buying from a company trained and authorized to sell, install, and support the stairway lift equipment you need.