Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts

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The best way to upgrade your stairs to become wheelchair-friendly is simply to install an inclined platform lift. Both practical and space-saving, inclined lifts for a wheelchair can be installed over existent stairs, whether straight or otherwise. These lifts are essential for PWDs (Persons with Disabilities), as well as senior citizens, so they may overcome the daily challenge of conquering the stairs.

Our team offers inclined lifts with various specifications including custom sizes to suit your specification. Designed for a single flight of straight stairs, these installations are commonly seen in Florida’s public buildings including schools, churches and government offices. In addition to sizes that comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design, custom sizes are available. Our inclined wheelchair lifts are available designed for straight, curved stairways, as well as for stairs that have more than one landing. For more information on the inclined platform lifts described above, contact us. We will be glad to help.