Staircase Measurement Discount

Want a stair lift in your house, but don’t want one with a high priced? Now is your chance to own one of our affordable stairway lifts that can save you at least $200. The choice is yours. If you want something new and comfortable, all you need is a measuring tape and a camera. Just provide us with an accurate measurement and images that you need and we’ll give you a $200 discount on any stairlift equipment we sell.

If you want to take advantage of our Staircase Measurement discount offer, you can fill out our online forms and submit your personal information to our company. (Don’t worry. We won’t spam you.) Our forms could be filled out online, or you can have it downloaded and printed. If you want it printed you can submit it directly to us. If you would prefer to visit us personally, you can simply schedule an appointment to drop by during business hours, or call us anytime. We take pride in helping others regain access to their homes and can even arrange to meet with you during off-hours and weekends if needed.

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